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January 30, 2009


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NEW ICONS AND THEIR CREATORS - listed in no real order
:iconkrona: - not yet famous lol

:iconraptorfarmer: - Mr. Submit Something Drawn Recently. lol

:icondruminor: - as he put it "I couldn't find one I liked, so I made one." Now thats the attitude I'm talking about.

:iconsamtheflash82: - has been busy. Quote, "I got artwork coming out of every orifice these days. I'm on a serious roll." I had to ask, "Well if its coming out of every orifice, does that mean that some of it is shit?" lol "Aint I a stinker?" - Bugs Bunny
:iconthisisthatplz: quote, "to counter ~wtfisthisplz
:iconcowtippingplz: the original art for this piece was done by and ok'd by :iconbologna:.

:iconxr37: - I haven't heard from him in a while , but he too has a running PLZ icon journal.

:icontwistedcaliber: - I found her icon after doing a search for PLZs, and asked if she would like to be on my journal, she loved the idea. So here ya are astar, thanx again for being a part of it.

Give em a pat on the back, by throwing them out in the forums, your notes and messages. Believe me when I say, its a wonderful feeling, when someone uses your icon in the forums and they have no idea you made it and that they love it.

My new babies:
COLLABORATIONS - I made the icon, they made the account
:iconfogelpunch: sooperninja99 and me
:iconpelvicthrustplz::iconblowitoutyourassplz: samtheflash82 and me
:iconneverwintercc: said where the hell's my coffee!  :iconcoffee-plz: Her and my collaboration
:iconneedcoffeeplz: :iconfillerupplz: 2 more, I resized and submitted to join it.

MY ICON ACCOUNTS - Icons that I made
I made a bunch of violent and offensive (whatever you feel) icons, cause honestly, some of the folks in here deserve a slap in the head. :icongoofygrinplz:
Well I found out why there aren't any animated multiple icon PLZ, you can use it if you like. There is nothing I can do to fix it and if someone has a slow internet connection it'll look even worse.

PLZ DATABASES - The PLZ icon goldmines I found along my travels here in dA
:iconcollect-icons: The motherload of all PLZ databases.
:iconplz-whoswho: Super Walmart size icon database. lol
:iconplz-database:  Huge amount of every flavor
:iconicon-listing: Big ass database
:iconicutmyselfplz: Small, EMO? varied database
:iconfurryemoticonsplz: Fairly large furry type PLZs
:iconallthaplz: Small, but varied database
:iconmoarplz: Its an plz icon site with alot moar than one icon:iconrimshotplz:
:iconmizdestiny:… A deviant's journal page similar to mine in size, but has wonderful words for any icon maker / creator.

Well the list grows daily and I try to keep it updated. If you make one or know someone who does let em know to come see me and I'll gladly put them on the list. BTW, I do still have a back burner project to make a more or less complete list (from all the databases) and to make a working database for the program GetSmile. ( Once the database is finished and installed to the program, all you would have to do is search for the icon listed in the program and click it, instead of typing it.
I will not give this database for the program to just anybody, simply because back in 2005 roughly, dA yanked all avatars and PLZ icons due to complaints of spamming and misuse of PLZ icons. I will not be a part of such adventures, if thats your fun make the database yourself. After it's completed, I will post the news on my journal. If your interested in it, I'll give it out on a person by person basis.  

Finally, I will be only working on the database listing/add-on database as far as Icons are concerned from here on out, due to getting reaquainted with an old friend, :iconspinplz: my pencil :iconspinplz:. Unless of course, I find something that would make a great PLZ Icon.

And Always,
Have fun and don't get none of it on ya. :)
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mrnaps Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Student General Artist
:iconfunkytownplz: made my day!
druminor Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
i like the Walter Sobchak one best :)
RoadTripz Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
which one is that again?
druminor Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
:icondontrollonshabbas: It makes sense if you've seen The Big Lebowski.
RoadTripz Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
lmao yeah that one is funny
NeverwinterCC Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
RoadTripz Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
ummmm ok sweetie?
NeverwinterCC Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
RoadTripz Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
i take it you made it?
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